Should I Laser Inscribe My Diamond?

Jessica   •   July 31, 2014

A laser inscription is an easy, permanent way to ensure that your diamond will always be readily identifiable as yours. Using a laser, a serial number, certificate number, symbol, or personal text is inscribed microscopically on the girdle of your diamond. This is permanent, and can only be removed by a professional diamond cutter. Laser inscriptions serve many purposes, such as making the stone easy to identify, eliminating the need to ever have a stone re-certified, or just adding a personal message.

Sometimes bringing your diamond jewelry to be repaired or cleaned can be stressful. We’d all like to believe that our jeweler is honest and would never switch your stone, but with a laser inscription you can be sure. The inscription is visible with a 10x loupe, so you can check your diamond yourself to make sure that you have indeed been returned the correct stone. Having your diamond marked with a permanent serial number can make the whole process of having repairs done less stressful for both you and your jeweler.

The inscription is visible with a 10x loupe, so you can make sure this is your diamond.

Many diamonds are laser inscribed when they are certified by a major laboratory, such as GIA, EGL, or AGS, but not all certified stones are laser inscribed. It is an optional service, and the diamond supplier may have opted out. If a diamond’s paperwork is lost, it is impossible to order another copy of the certificate without knowing the certificate serial number. If the certificate number is laser inscribed on the diamond, then reprinting the original certificate is easy and the diamond will not have to be sent to a laboratory to be re-certified. This can save hundreds of dollars, and also preserves the value of your diamond. Diamond grading can be quite subjective, and borderline grades can sometimes end up differently if resubmitted. Your stone could lose thousands in value if resubmitted and subsequently downgraded.

Dates, personal messages, or symbols can also be laser inscribed. These kinds of inscriptions do not necessarily add value, but they can add a personal touch to your diamond. This kind of laser inscription is not recommended if you plan to resell your diamond, or intend to use the diamond for investment purposes. Many symbols can be inscribed, such as a heart, flower, logos, or non alphabetical character. Please keep in mind, while it may be possible to inscribe some sort of symbol that is meaningful to you and your fiancé, it may be tough to explain that to any future buyers of the stone. For example, if you proposed at Rockets game or the Burning Man music festival, you could have the Rockets symbol or Burning Man symbol inscribed, along with perhaps the date or initials. Without a doubt, it would make an excellent story for your kids.